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I've been assembling links relating to the Environmental Humanities (EH) as I develop my interest in this emerging field (or has it emerged already?). The following links are by no means exhaustive*, but they provide a starting point for anyone who is also keen to explore this area. I'll be sure to add to the lists as I discover more.

*And links are currently limited to English websites due to my Anglophonic limitations.

In the mists of the Mt Arthur track, New Zealand

In the mists of the Mt Arthur track, New Zealand. Photo: James Lee

Interdisciplinary hubs / institutes / research centres,
and places to study† the Environmental Humanities

I suspect that, as the Environmental Humanities become more integrated into university programs, the number of universities that I could list here will increase rapidly (let's hope so!). However, my future focus will be on listing research centres/hubs/collaboration points instead of university degree/doctoral programs to avoid overwhelming the list.

Mount John Observatory, New Zealand

Mount John Observatory, Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, New Zealand. Photo: James Lee

Related links

Below are links to organisations that work in fields related to the environmental humanities or that embrace social, artistic, cultural, and new (heterodox) economic and/or new legal approaches to environmental challenges. For now I have excluded environmental arts sites as the environmental or eco-arts fields tend to have a longer lineage than the environmental humanities, and have a more established online presence. If you're interested in environmental arts, have a look at the GreenMuseum website as a launchpad for exploring this field.

Waikoropupu Springs, Tasman, New Zealand

Waikoropupu Springs, Tasman, New Zealand. Photo: James Lee


Tasman Valley, New Zealand

Tasman Valley, New Zealand. Photo: James Lee


Lichen-covered bench, Greymouth, NZ

Lichen-covered bench, Shantytown near Greymouth, New Zealand. Photo: James Lee


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