About the Jam

So, what's with the blog title?

Apart from being an anagram of parts of my name, James K Lee, the titular concept of an Elk Jam nicely represents an unmistakable meeting of humans and nature. An elk jam occurs when traffic becomes blocked due to elk doing what elk do: wandering around, eating, fighting, mating, having a nap on the road etc.

How do we, as a species that continues to expand our impact on the world, deal with such obstacles? Do we charge on through, sit and observe, or maybe find another way to go around the jams? If we can 'give way' to nature in this context, are there other meetings of humans and nature where all parties could benefit if humans stopped or gave way?

Bull Elk Butting Estes Park, Colorado. Image by: Nancy Reinke

Bull Elk Butting, Estes Park, Colorado. Image by: Nancy Reinke


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